The More You Know! Get The FAQs

Bocce League registration happens early to mid-May each year. Register your team prior to our first Bocce night.


We start on May 21st Tuesday night and play every Tuesday night until the finals tourney.

This season we are back to playing on Tuesday nights. This will get us back to our traditional night for the past 18 seasons.  

The finals tournament is on Sunday, Sept. 7th. It is an all-day and night event. 

Click on one of the Register Buttons on the home page of this website. That will take you to a registration page to fill out your Team’s information. I will need both players’ names, emails, & t-shirt sizes.  Player One’s email will become the default email that is put into the system as your team’s username. You will be asked to create a password. Please remember this and make it safe enough to share with your teammate, as there is only one Login for your team. If you are out of town your teammate will need to Sign-In to get a matchup or tell us your team is not playing.


Please fill in all of you and your teammate’s information including, Name, Email, & T-Shirt size (male or female shirt etc.). It won’t let you register otherwise. Plus, weekly updates and bocce info will be sent out via email and you and your teammate don’t want to miss out on important updates throughout the season.


If you have a 3rd teammate please email me all of their info as well. We will need to add on $45 for the extra teammate.


Please know that the league fills up FAST and you are not guaranteed a spot in the league just because you register. If your Team is approved you will receive a welcome email that allows you to log into your account and pay your one time per year Bocce dues via PayPal. Once that is complete you will have secured your spot in the league for this season and you will be able to Sign-In for weekly matchups.

This year we are playing Every Tuesday Night regardless of wind, rain, or shine we will play.

In 19 years we have only canceled one Bocce night due to weather. But what looked like a bad weather night turned out to be totally fine by 6:45 pm. So, it will take something VERY serious to make me cancel.

85 to 100+ teams meet at 6:45 pm at the RED&WHITE BOCCE VAN in the North end of 1 Rose Ave Parking Lot where Rose Ave hits the Boardwalk. Look for the crowd gathered around that wrapped sketchy van your mom warned you about. I know there are a few to choose from. 


There are two match-up sheets on the back doors of the van. Find your team name and opponent on the list and yell out your opponent’s team name. Once you find them, grab a set of balls, head to the sand, and throw a few games. After you’re done please return your balls to the van, write your scores on the matchup sheet and also log your scores on the bocce app online. 


We all meet up after bocce at The Waterfront Venice. Let the host or wait staff know you are with the Bocce League. You will find us on the inside patio.

Well, that depends. If you are asking about Bocce Ball sets the answer is NO. We have Bocce Ball sets for the entire league that are kept in the Bocce Van. You pick them up and return them every night.  

Otherwise, say you are sitting 2 points ahead of your opponent with their ball inches away and you still go for that 3rd point just to be greedy. You’re feeling confident but ultimately you knock all of your balls away giving your opponent the point and the win. That type of play, my friend, will require your own set of balls.

There is a full page dedicated to this answer. Check the RULES page out. But if you are totally against any kind of studying here are a few clift notes.

  • 5 pallino tosses for each game.
  • Add up the number of balls closest on each toss. 
  • Highest total points wins that game.
  • Play 1, 2, or 3 games per night.
  • You don’t have to play more than 1 game (but that’s not fun if you’re that guy)
  • If after 5 tosses there is a tie, throw one more pallino toss and the winner of that toss wins the game.
  • So for example: If Team Boston wins 2 games and Landsharks win 1 game the final score for the night is (2-1 Team Boston) & (1-2 Landsharks.) 
* Noted we all know Landsharks would never lose to Team Boston but a guy can alway dream!  
Team Bocce is alway looking for teams or individuals in the league to help with a number of things to keep bocce running smoothly. 
Van Drivers / Parking:
The BIGGEST NEED this year is finding two dedicated Van Drivers.  If you live near The Waterfront and you have available parking we are looking for Van Drivers that can drive the van to Bocce every Tuesday. 
Matchup Specialists:
If you show up to Bocce almost every week I want to talk to you. We always need help matching teams up on Tuesday night when teams don’t show up and there are teams that end up without a match. We are looking for 2-3 people that can help with teams that end up not having a match find other teams they can play. Takes 15 minutes and you just need to write the new matchup on the sheet once you have made a new match. 
Tourney / Party Planners:
The big Finals Tourney and Party is on Sept. 7th this year. We are always looking for help in planning the big day and party. 
We have some very DOPE sponsors, but if you know of a great sponsor or would like to become a sponsor of BocceLA please let Team Bocce know. 

Yes!! You may bring your own set, but please know we have bocce sets for you in the Van. If you still want to use your own personal Bocce set please understand that your opponent has the option of using their preferred Bocce set as well. The balls we provide are plastic and are 100mm in size. We discourage using the traditional resin Bocce Sets because they are larger and heavier than the balls we provide. There may be an unfair advantage to using resin balls. 

Hey, we understand. Something comes up and you can’t make it by 6:45 pm. If you have already signed in, you can go back in and sign out. Please let me know because I set up matches at 4:00 pm and if you cancel after that, you will be leaving a team without a matchup. 
Also, please text Jerry and let him know you are going to be late. We can give you until 7:10 pm latest but understand you have a team waiting to play. If you don’t tell us you will be late or you just can’t make it by 7:10 pm, your match will be given away.
So, you show up at 7:11 pm… what do you do? You grab a set of balls and A) maybe there is still a team without a match and you play them. B) Go out and play against your Bocce Partner. C) If you are rolling single, just go out and throw. You can never get enough practice in. 

Team Bocce doesn’t know your password. Please go to the login page and click Reset Password. You will receive an email to your Player One email that will allow you to get back into your account. 

Not to worry. You have options. A) Bring a ringer to play with (friend, family, total baller, etc.). They might be better than your partner and wins are good for your rankings. B) You can always play single. C) If you show up single there may be another single team member that you can pair up with and play. D) Your last option shouldn’t be used, but if you just aren’t feeling like playing solo, you don”t have to play. Just wait till next week. You only need 50% attendance to keep your rankings.

“D”, if you ask us, is a bad idea, as playing single helps your chances of a win + think of all those days you stayed inside… just get out to the beach and play.  

If you want a match each Tuesday night you MUST go Online to the Bocce APP and sign-in “YES” you are attending. 


This will tell the computer to match you up with your opponent. 


If you do not sign-in you will not be matched up and you may not have an opponent to play. 


If you can’t play you still need to go online and say “NO” we are not playing. 

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