Fresh and re-envisioned the new bocce crew is throwing bocce back to circa 2005…

We’re bringing the ad industry party back to Tuesday nights in the sand. Don’t miss out this year… roster spots are VERY limited sign up today! It costs $60 per team to join the league (there are 2 people to a team)… which covers league expenses with the rest going to our finals (trophies, prizes and a downright dope Finals party BBQ at the Waterfront Cafe Sept. 9th).

Team Bocce:

Still hoping the Bocce White Van will start, bocce commissioner, Jerry Torgerson runs the league with the help of Team Bocce. Making bocce night simple via website registering and game match-ups has shaved years off Jerry’s life but he still dyes his hair grey for that veteran bocce look. Jerry promises to not make winning 2 championships look so easy this year as all expectations for lighting striking 3 times is unheard of, unless of course you name your Bocce Team after different home town businesses.

For help or further information contact  hello@bocceleague.com

Costumes/Team Pride:

Get your creative on… we wanna see your team bring it with costumes and crazy ass team logos this year. Past years of prison orange jumpsuites, ridiculous robots, Game of Throws dragons and bikini clad beauties have brung it in past years. Whachu got???

The 50% Rule:

Also in our bocce league we have a rule that makes life much easier for all you commitment-phobes: The 50% rule… which states you can miss 50% of the season’s games (up to 5 games) before it negatively effects your ranking AND you can play with 50% of your team, meaning if your partner can’t make it you can play solo or bring a ringer.

  • Venice Beach. Meet at the white Van. North end parking lot in front of the Waterfront Cafe.
  • Every Tuesday Night starting at 6:45 PM.
  • 6/06       Practice Night (For rookies and vets alike).
  • 6/13        Week #1 (Season officially starts!)
  • 8/29       Practice Night (For rookies and vets alike).
  • 9/05       Practice Night (For rookies and vets alike).
  • 9/09        Finals Tournament (Sat.) all day.