The Los Angeles Beach Bocce Ball Leagues is bringing the “party in the sand” back to Tuesday nights for our 15th year. Bocce Commish Jerry Torgerson & Team Bocce are still rolling in the white van with a shit ton of balls giving the ad industry’s finest ballers an excuse to head to the beach, catch a few summer sunsets and throw some bocce! Need more info on what Beach Bocce is all about, check out the details below.

How it Works:

Bocce season happens roughly from Memorial Day to Labor Day during the long summer days. Every Tuesday during the season teams sign in online to play. 75 to 90+ teams meet at 6:45pm at the WHITE BOCCE VAN, get matched up, head to the sand with a set of balls from the van, throw a few games, log their scores online, then head to the The Waterfront to talk some shit or drown their sorrows. Rinse and Repeat 12 regular season weeks during the summer and that’s what we call Beach Bocce LA style. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Beach Bocce League, or were too drunk last year to remember, keep reading below for more details and this year’s schedule.

For other help or further information contact  hello@bocceleague.com


We are back to our good ole Drinking spot after Bocce this year. The Waterfront Cafe is open and has welcomed our league back home.  We will play in the same patch of sand, but we’ll have less of a walk to meet up with everyone after Bocce to talk shit and/or drown our sorrows. Oh, did I mention every room is BRAND NEW and looks amazing? The food is GREAT and we are back to those pitchers of beer we all have grown to love during the summer.

For bar info:  The Waterfront

The 50% Rule:

Having commitment issues? Not to worry my friend! In our bocce league we have a rule that makes life much easier for all you commitment-phobes:  The 50% rule… which states your team can miss 50% of the season’s games (up to 5 games) before it negatively effects your finals tourney ranking. During the season you can play with 50% of your team or with a ringer, meaning if your partner can’t make it you can play solo or bring a stand-in player for that week.  If you show up less than 50% of the time, not to worry!  Remember, that you can still play in the finals tourney but your ranking drops below any other team that logged more that 50% attendance.

League Dues:

Season dues costs $65 per team to join the league (there are 2 people to a team). This covers league expenses including (2) bocce t-shirts with the rest going to our finals tourney (trophies, prizes, and a downright dope members only Finals Party at The Waterfront Sept. 7th, Sat.) After you register and your team is approved you will be sent an email instructing you to pay online via PayPal for all dues. Payment of dues is required for your team to be included in the match ups.  So handle your business up front and stay on the nice list. If you are a team of 3 players and you all want a t-shirt and will all attend the finals tourney an additional $33 in dues is required.

Online Sign-in Weekly:

We make it simple to get a match each week via online sign-in. Weekly Bocce matches are created online and require that your team sign in every week. If you don’t sign in you will not be matched up. Soooo… YOU MUST go online and Sign in “YES”  to get a match. If your team is not playing you still have to sign in “NO” every week. Choose “YES” or “NO”. Don’t just show up.

YOU MUST also log your scores online every week. If you don’t log scores I can’t track your attendance and adjust ranking for the tourney. If you play 3 matches go online and log scores (ie..2 wins & 1 loss).

Costumes/Team Pride:

This year we look to bring back the Costumes to where they used to be.  Get your creative on.. We wanna see your team bring it each and every week with costume and badass team logos this year. Past years of Chef red and white, orange jailhouse jumpsuits and cardboard robots calling for a bit of competition.  Trophies and Cash prizes are at stake here ballers.  Time to bring it!


This league is for anyone in the LA commercial advertising industry. We are capping the league at 90 teams this year.  Don’t miss the cut.


We meet at The Waterfront where Rose Ave. meets the Boardwalk. The White Bocce Van is at the North end of the parking lot in front of The Waterfront.